Welcome to Rebel Teacher, a blog that explores how the educational system works to perpetuate society’s status quo.  It encourages everyday teachers, students, parents and community members to challenge the  dominant paradigms of capitalism, imperialism, racial and gender oppression. The job of the educational system in any society is to reproduce the values of the ruling class. These values are always harmful to the historically oppressed classes and nationalities at the bottom of the social pyramid, the poor, women, descendants of African slaves, indigenous nations and immigrant communities. They are also harmful to the oppressed masses of the planet who are bled dry to make a comfortable life in the imperialist countries.

Nowhere, in any high school social studies textbook that I have ever seen, is there any fundamental challenge to the legitimacy of the global conquest and rule of the imperialists or even a realistic depiction of the genocide and enslavement that brought them to power.  As a result, the oppressed are taught to revere the historical murderers and enslavers of their ancestors, the so called ‘founding fathers’, and ‘pledge allegiance’ to the symbol of that oppression every morning. This psychological, mind fuck creates a situation in which the oppressed view their own people and communities as somehow deficient and instead of fighting this system -that is guilty of every crime they toss the oppressed in jail for- they seek to join it. It is our responsibility as educators and stakeholders to be able to recognize the subtle and overt messages that legitimize capitalist, imperialist oppression and encourage our youth to question them.

Author: rebelteacherblog

veteran public school social studies teacher and activist.

3 thoughts on “Introduction”

  1. Count me in. I teach in Mississippi County, Arkansas…poorest county in the state. Our school’s primary objective seems to be placating the State Dept of Ed. That’s a fool’s errand but seems to be the mission.


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